Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 11: The Flow of All Things – Immersion

We add to our daily practice, along with the Five Positions of Focus, the Trinity or the Sign of the Cross or the Flow of All Things. This movement phrase is based on teachings and insights from Richard Rohr’s book “The Divine Dance” and movement from Roy DeLeon (please check out his YouTube page, For our third movement, we will draw our hands down and slightly back, kind of like angel wings. And as our arms draw back, we lift our hearts and open up to face the sky. We honor the Holy Spirit-the One that Dwells Within Us-the Universe Inside Ourselves-the Immersion. God is not only among us but within us! We are not only made of stars but there are stars within us! This is a powerful reminder that what is Infinite is in fact infinite, reaching not only all four corners of the world but also in every inch of you. Immerse yourself in this divine love and let it move you through the flow of all things!

. . .

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