As a dance company, The Moving Prayer presents live presentations and performances for people of all ages locally in the New York City area, across the country, and even abroad!

Liturgical Presentations

The Moving Prayer offers presentations during Mass, Prayer Services, Worship, and other liturgical settings. Liturgical movement has been used as a form of prayer to enhance the liturgy and is often included in Mass celebrating Saints’ Feast Days, Opening and Closing Liturgies for major events, Jubilees, First Holy Communion, ecumenical and interfaith celebrations, and more. Presentations range from liturgical gestures and movements during the Psalm and Gospel Acclamation; Processions and Presentation of the Gifts with both full and simple choreography; and sacred dance during Meditation.

Here are a few examples of liturgical presentations, choreographed and performed by Founder and Director Jessica Abejar.

O God You Search Me (2014)
Choreographed by Jessica Abejar
O God You Search Me was presented at Meditation during the Jubilee Mass of Sister Gina Fleming, OP, in June 2014. Music is by Bernadette Farrell and sung by the choir at St. Hugh of Lincoln in Huntington, NY.


The Moving Prayer is also available for performances during events, group meetings, parties, and more in all types of venues. These sacred dance performances are presented outside of the context of the liturgy. The Moving Prayer has performed several dances, ranging in many styles of dance and themes.

Take a look at a sample of some of the dances currently in our repertoire.

Mother (2004)
Choreographed by Jessica Abejar
Mother is a meditation reflection that depicts the story of the life of Jesus Christ told through the eyes of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The piece uses movement, music, narrative, and costume to enhance this beautiful story told from a unique perspective.This dance has been performed worldwide, including this performance at the Youth Festival at World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi – Dance for Global Peace (2013)
Choreographed by Jessica Abejar
Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi – Dance for Global Peace is a moving prayer portraying the vivid imagery found in the words of this traditional prayer. This dance promotes peace and harmony through movement and word.

Many Yet One (2015)
Choreographed by Jessica Abejar, Joelle Abejar
Many Yet One is a modern proclamation of the Scripture passage found in 1 Corinthians 12. The Scripture passage is recited in the styling of spoken word poetry while the dance includes elements of breaking and hip hop.

Audience Participation

Within our presentations and performances, The Moving Prayer may include elements of congregation and audience participation, inviting people to not only witness sacred and liturgical dance but also to experience it! This may include responding with liturgical gesture during the Psalm or learning simple choreography as part of a performance. These participatory moments give congregations and audiences an opportunity to experience sacred and liturgical movement within their own mind, body, and spirit. If you are interested in more in-depth participation, such as a workshop or learning choreography to be presented or performed by the participants, please take a look at our offerings under TEACHING.