Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 2: Pray. Then MOVE.

For today’s Moving Meditations for Lent, I ask you to pray for the victims, the survivors, and their families and loved ones affected by this recent school shooting in the US; but I also ask you to move – to not only physically move such as taking a contemplative walk or the closing of the eyes and breathing, but also to be moved in terms of justice-seeking action. I am a believer in thoughts and prayers- I have even named my company The Moving Prayer. But the important part here is “moving.” Because if we are not moved into action by prayer, it remains empty and baseless. Prayer is a call to action, a call to the universe to move to create a favorable change; however, we must also acknowledge our role in this universe and we must do our part to enact change, most especially if we are given power and privilege over others who are in need of such change. This is how we ourselves become moving prayers because we are the ones who can transform the world we live in.

. . .

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