Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 8: The Flow of All Things

This first week for our Moving Meditations for New Beginnings, we learned about the Five Positions of Focus, which revealed to us the role we play in our relationship to God and others. When it comes to new beginnings, the Five Positions of Focus is a strong foundation to establishing who we truly are. As we continue our practice and slowly allow ourselves to embrace who we are, we begin to move through the world. So begins the focus of our second week – the Trinity, or as I like to call, the Flow. Whether or not you believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, it doesn’t matter, because this in essence is about the flow of all things. The flow of the universe. We will begin with learning the full movement sequence and I will break it down for you in the next few days. Take your arms up straight to the sky. Bring them down by making a nice big arc and spreading your arms wide. Next bring them down off to your sides but slightly back as if they were wings, all while lifting your heart center up to the sky and allowing your face to look up as well. Finally end with hands in prayer, thumbs cross touching your lips and pointer fingers resting on the forehead. This is a representation, an interpretation of the flow- the flow of all things. The flow that allows us to become a Moving Prayer. The flow that allows us to venture off to do new things and embark on new journeys.

. . .

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