Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 7: The Five Positions of Focus – Practice Requires Practice

Starting off these Moving Meditations for New Beginnings the way every The Moving Prayer class and rehearsal starts – with the Five Positions of Focus! The Five Positions of Focus is inspired by the first Five Positions in ballet. They set the foundation for becoming a Moving Prayer by allowing us to focus on our relationship with God, the universe around us, and ourselves. Today on the day of the Baptism of the Lord- we will repeat the movements 2-4 times in a row. You may be wondering why we have spent a week on this movement and why have we not moved on to something else yet. These Moving Meditations are about new beginnings after all and shouldn’t we do something new? Yes, but these are also moving MEDITATIONS, and meditation is a practice. Practice, of course, requires practice! To be able to explore each movement slowly, to take time with each movement and to repeat it, allows us the time to ease into something new and helps us to align our mind, body, and spirit. And even if we “get it,” do we really get it? Consider the feast we celebrate today, the Baptism of the Lord. It commemorates the start of Jesus’ ministry on Earth, which He began at age 30 and ending only three years after. Despite the talks with teachers at the Temple, the prodding of His mother to turn water into wine, and more, Jesus did not begin doing His work until 30. Sometimes the gifts we are given don’t make sense to us until years later. Even the seeds of The Moving Prayer were planted many years ago and are only blooming now. So give your practice time, allow yourself to go through the motions without simply “going through the motions.” Allow each repetition to be new, allow it to reveal to you something you may not have noticed before. Maybe it will reveal to you the wonders of a gift you thought you knew all about. Maybe this will motivate you to finally answer the call. Practice requires practice, and the deeper you go, the closer to your call and to God you will be.

. . .

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