Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 5: The Five Positions of Focus – Self-Love

Starting off these Moving Meditations for New Beginnings the way every The Moving Prayer class and rehearsal starts – with the Five Positions of Focus! The Five Positions of Focus is inspired by the first Five Positions in ballet. They set the foundation for becoming a Moving Prayer by allowing us to focus on our relationship with God, the universe around us, and ourselves. Our fifth position is self-love. When we share our gifts, we become channels of God’s love, this sharing that love with everyone. However, we must also remember to share this love with ourselves. We must remember that we are worthy of God’s love as much as anyone else. With your arms high above you, bring them down to cross your heart, giving yourself a nice hug. We are constantly told to give, serve, and share, but we forget that if we don’t love ourselves, how can we fuel ourselves to go love others? Remember that what God and the cosmos asks of you is to be true to yourself. This means not only being who you are meant to be, but loving that person too.

. . .

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