Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 4: The Five Positions of Focus – Channel

Starting off these Moving Meditations for New Beginnings the way every The Moving Prayer class and rehearsal starts – with the Five Positions of Focus! The Five Positions of Focus is inspired by the first Five Positions in ballet. They set the foundation for becoming a Moving Prayer by allowing us to focus on our relationship with God, the universe around us, and ourselves. Our fourth position is channel. As we share our God-given gifts with others, we begin to become a channel of God’s love. Through us, love flows. With arms wide as we share, we lift them up high above us reaching towards the sky. You can lift your head to look up, but if you do- lift your heart and your chest first, for if you wish to see the face of God, look with your heart first then your eyes will follow. We can only truly become a channel of love if we allow ourselves to be truly ourselves. So start discovering what you love, what you’re good at, and who you are, and know that when you are true to yourself, you are revealing the truth about the Universe and allowing love to flow through you.

. . .

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