Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 1: The Five Positions of Focus – Breathe

Starting off these Moving Meditations for New Beginnings the way every The Moving Prayer class and rehearsal starts – with the Five Positions of Focus! The Five Positions of Focus is inspired by the first Five Positions in ballet. They set the foundation for becoming a Moving Prayer by allowing us to focus on our relationship with God, the universe around us, and ourselves. Our first position is focused on breathing. New beginnings can get overwhelming so take a moment to breathe in deeply, once, twice, maybe three times. So anyone super nervous about moving for the first day- no worries! Just deep breaths today! Breathing deep allows us to calm ourselves and alleviate anxieties, but it also allows us to begin connecting to God and the world around us. As we breathe, imagine this: when you inhale, let the world around you enter your body, and when you exhale, offer up a little bit of yourself to the world. Breathing connects us to the world around us. It also connects to life- it is the simplest prayer, where we acknowledge and give thanks to God for the life we have been given. Breathing is the foundation for our life and will be important as we begin to move.

. . .

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