Moving Meditations for New Beginnings

Moving Meditations for New Beginnings. These set of Moving Meditations were originally going to be specifically for the new year, but as I was planning them out, I realized it was turning out to be Moving Meditations for any new beginning! New year, new month, new week, new day, or whenever you just want to get started- these Moving Meditations will allow you to nurture and uplift your mind, body, and spirit. These simple gestures can be done almost anywhere at anytime with little to no effort and will get you started in becoming more of a Moving Prayer! We will be exploring the movements at the very center of The Moving Prayer’s practice- learning moves directly taught during classes and workshops and moves I begin every rehearsal and even everyday with. If you are new to sacred and liturgical dance, no worries! This is the series for you! So what are you waiting for? Come and move with me!

. . .

For more Moving Meditations for New Beginnings, follow The Moving Prayer here on our website, @themovingprayer on Instagram, and The Moving Prayer on Facebook!

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