Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 26: The Carrying of the Cross

“The Carrying of the Cross” The humiliation of Jesus does not end as He must take His Cross to Calvary, a long ways away from Jerusalem. Every step is a difficult one, every step closer to death. But also every step closer to the Resurrection m, and every step closer to redeeming the world. Do you walk around with a cross on your back? Do you find it hard to take even a single step forward? Cast your worries aside, lift your burden, lift it up to God! Jesus’ Cross is the Cross of many including yours. Do not let yourself to be weighed down by it, and don’t feel guilty for giving it to God- God can handle it.

. . .

Take a strong stance such as a lunge and bring your arms wide as if carrying a cross. Lift your palms upward so as to continuously lift up your burdens to God. Move with strength but learn to move with ease. Sometimes moving through life is not easy. We have our crosses but know they are not permanent. With every step you take, know that even the Cross of Christ was not even permanent. With every step you take, know that salvation and redemption is on the other side.

. . .

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