Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 25: The Crowning of Thorns

“The Crowning of Thorns” Jesus is further humiliated when He is presented with a crown of thorns on His head, a mockery of His title as “King of the Jews.” The thorns pierce through His head and cause Him to bleed. He continues to wear this on His head until His death. Although we may not deal with the excruciating pain of a crown of thorns on our heads, often we are left with troubles that transform to pain in our heads. They rattle our brain emotionally and intellectually and can worsen by embodying pain such as headaches or head colds. This shows how intrinsically tied our minds and bodies are. Sometimes the best way to lift our burdens to God is to lift our thoughts. Sometimes it isn’t the circumstances that hurt us the most, but our thoughts. Because thoughts will prolong the pain, aggravate more into something we find difficult to control. So give it up. Give up those negative thoughts that press into our minds all to God.

. . . 

Take your hands and wrap it around your head. You can press the heels of your palms into the temples and foreheads. This can often alleviate any tension or aches in the head. Adding pressure can be helpful but also simply cradling your head in your hands can be calming. You can also take your hands and pretend like you’re taking the thoughts straight out of your head. We all have different ways of taking on the negative thoughts head-on. Ask God for guidance. Ask God to unburden. And perhaps God will fill your mind with love.

. . .

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