Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 27: The Crucifixion

“The Crucifixion” The Cross – a symbol of destruction, hopelessness, violence, pain, & death is also a symbol of rebirth, hope, salvation, redemption, & peace. Thoughts of death and pain can cause a person to feel small, to shrink, and yet here is Jesus, arms wide open, full of love that barely can be contained. A string of opposites that are somehow all connected. This is the very essence and beauty of the life God has given us. That we cannot understand joy without experiencing pain. That we cannot stand tall without falling first. That moving forward might require a few steps backwards. And that rebirth is not possible without death.

. . .

Stand tall and bring your arms as wide as Jesus did when He died on the Cross. We had done this gesture before as a sharing of the gifts we have with others in the Five Positions of Focus earlier in our Lenten meditations. Are you willing to share more than your gifts? Perhaps your whole life? It’s amazing how this feeling of freedom of spreading your arms wide can also present a vulnerability. Again, opposites. The beauty of life. Embracing it with arms wide open.

. . .

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