Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 22: Preparations

The last Station of the Cross is the laying of Jesus in the tomb. As mentioned in our previous meditation, the act of taking down a crucified body was not very common, and to add, to give Him a proper burial was even more out of the ordinary. And while everyone there had in mind preparing the dead for what awaits Him, few really knew or even understood that what awaited Him and all the souls He would save would be Eternal Life. And yet while are preparing the Body of Jesus at this moment, Jesus had been preparing us for this moment too.

. . .

Take to the floor, if your body allows, and sweep your arms across the ground. It is as if we are blessing the ground beneath us, preparing a garden of new life. For new life, we must build a strong foundation. Always know that that foundation is God. Through God, we can build and grow, reach heights unimaginable. With God, we are granted Eternal Life.

. . .

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