Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 23: The Agony in the Garden

“The Agony in the Garden” We now delve into the Sorrowful Mysteries for our Moving Meditations for Lent. Meditated upon during the rosary, the Sorrowful Mysteries depict the moments before the Crucifixion. The first moment is the agony in the garden. Here Jesus shares with us the Lord’s Prayer and in this moment He reveals His vulnerability. Although He is well aware of what He must do and what lays ahead of Him, He still pleads with God. Many of us may be all too familiar with this scenario. We may not have the all-knowing power that God has, but we do have the ability to hear God’s call and read God’s signs. When we discover that God’s way isn’t what we had hoped for or expected, we often find ourselves pleading with God. Know that this is normal- that even Jesus Himself pleaded with God when things became unpleasant. However, when we pray and ask God for something, ask for strength. The pain may not go away but our faith can keep us strong.

. . .

Kneel or sit and place your arms out in front of you with your palms facing to the sky. Take your gaze upward and breathe. Life is full of joyous moments but also moments of pain and suffering. This is a normal part of life and it is okay to take any anger and sadness up to God. And if you do turn to God in these moments, face your palms upward and offer these moments up to God. The pain may not go away completely but our faith makes us strong enough to move through them.

. . .

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