Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 21: Transitions

Jesus is taken down from the Cross. It seems like a very random act to include in the Stations. If we were just to go from dying on the Cross to being laid in the tomb, I think we can all safely assume that He was taken from the Cross. But this action illustrates a few important things. The first is from a historical perspective, bodies that died from crucifixion were left on the crosses, as a reminder to all who pass by of what happens when one dissents. To take His body down from the Cross was not norm and could probably even constitute as an act of defiance. The second purpose of this station is to illustrate transition. We are so quick to think of getting from A to B that we never take enough time to think of how we will get from A to B. We often think of Jesus on the Cross to Jesus at the Tomb, without realizing the significance of His body being taken down in the first place. Let us remember that this was an uncommon and therefore extraordinary act and only adds to the miracle of the Resurrection. And so we think of our own transitions in life. We have wonderful memories of strength, dreams come true, resilience, and pure joy. But do we often take time to think of the beauty of the transitioning phase that got us there? Do we not realize that sometimes the amazing feats we pull in order to reach our destination is what makes the destination much more exciting and oftentimes unbelievable?. . .

Reach high above you and slowly lower yourself as low you can. Really take your time to “savor” the moment and move slowly. Unlike some other Movement Meditations, which focus on breathing into a pose, today it is all about movement. So take your time in this movement. Explore with levels, with arm placements, with eye focus, with balance. Feel the difference in these movements and notice that although each movement can you bring you from A to B, they are all different and thus even give a different feel for each origin and destination.

. . .

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