Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 20: Be Still

“Be still” Only about three hours after being nailed to the Cross, Jesus dies. In this moment where God physically leaves this Earth, where body and soul is separated, the Earth trembles, darkness fills the sky, and even amidst the chaos is stillness. The quietness of the last breath taken, the solemness of His mother and friends. Stillness.. . .

Stand or sit still for a minute. Notice how your body reacts to this quietness. Is it anxious, tense, and uneasiness like the Earth was when Jesus died? Or is it relaxed, peaceful, calm? Be still in both and see and feel the difference. Does one hurt more than the other? Does one feel more comfortable than the other? Breathe. Hold your breath for a moment, feel the uneasiness, then exhale a sigh of relief. It doesn’t seem like much happens in quietness and stillness, but a lot can happen in these moments. At the moment of Jesus’ death, how will you be still?

. . .

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