Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 19: Unbearable Pain

On the eleventh station, Jesus is nailed to the Cross. Pain enters a disturbing reality once made physically. Whether by outside force or by some internal workings that then become embodied. It’s this pain that often leaves us feeling immobile, stuck, or tied down. How do we choose to break away or move forward when it hurts so much? Or should we learn to accept our crosses? Should we learn to fuse the pain to part of our beings, knowing that the pain is not all who we are but just part of this wonderfully dynamic life?

. . .

Take your hands and press the palms together and then press your wrists together. Feel free to touch your wrists and palms, the places where Jesus was nailed to the Cross. Take note of your left wrist, this is where the pulse is taken, the pulse indicating your heart rate, a sign of life. Life is dynamic- it has its highs and lows, just like our heart rate. Sometimes we experience unbearable pain that can leave us immovable. But sometimes we can let that pain in, let it subside and allow us to become stronger.

. . .

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