Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 18: Can’t Take Away My Faith

“Can’t take away my faith” When Jesus arrives at Calvary, He is stripped of His garments. The soldiers forcefully take His belongings. This degradation of His humanity leaves Jesus with nothing, but in actuality, He is left with something. Faith. At least in these moments, until His death, Jesus is still left with faith. Even in our worst moments where it feels like we’ve been stripped of everything good or hopeful, what remains is faith. People can take away everything from you but they can’t take away your faith.. . .

For this pose, you can kneel, sit, stand, or lie, whatever feels right for you. Just take your arms and hug yourself as if not letting go. Hold yourself tight, knowing that everything can be taken away, but if we hold tight to what’s important, not all will be lost.

. . .

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