Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 17: I Surrender

“I surrender” Not soon after His second fall, Jesus fell for a third time. Often we feel like we are constantly tripping over ourselves. If we have a bad morning, we have a bad day. If we have a bad day, we might have a bad week. And when we start to drown, we will often do everything we can to try to reach the surface and start gasping for air. But instead of trying to get back onto our own two feet, why not lie in faith? Sometimes life is about embracing both the ups and the downs and allowing the Spirit to strengthen and move us. Whether the Spirit works immediately or takes Their Time, the point is that we allow our faith in God to guide us where we are meant to be. We can only hope that we will be lead to an upward swing but for now- surrender.. . .

This posture can be done on the ground or even a bed. Lie flat on your stomach, feeling the weight of your entire being pulled into the ground. This posture is often done when religious take their final vows, which is appropriate because it is an absolutely complete surrender! If we take a look at our previous poses for Jesus’ fall, we see how each builds on each other. The first fall a slight bow of the head while kneeling. The second fall a deep bow while kneeling, head on the ground. Now the third, lying prostrate on the ground. Each a posture of submitting ourselves to God, each a posture of solemn prayer! With each fall, do not focus on your straying from God or your struggle to remain upright. Surrender to God, open your heart to God, God will find you, strengthen and bless you.

. . .

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