WYD Kraków 2016 | Day 8: This is World Youth Day. This is Life

An 8 mile pilgrimage that was way too long, an evening with about one to two million people (& about ten million bugs), the cold of the night, the heat of the day, and a torrential downpour to symbolize a true showering of blessings we received this week. I was tired, I was insecure, I was angry, I was upset, I was dirty, but I was full of joy. I cried for a few moments, but I laughed nonstop. I prayed like I never prayed before, I shared secrets, and I heard the Pope speak to me (he spoke to others but it felt like he spoke to just me). I met beautiful, beautiful people, many of which I have been traveling for days with yet never had the chance to meet. I was miles away from the Pope and then had the surprise of my life when I got this close to seeing him. This is World Youth Day. This is life. And I thank God for every second of it! I thank God with my entire being- mind, body, & spirit!

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