WYD Kraków 2016 | Day 7: “We are convinced that happiness is synonymous with comfort” / Sacrifices DO Hurt

The day finally came. The real pilgrimage. Everything leading up to this day was just mental, physical, and spiritual preparation for what was to take place.
I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. But for every doubt that told me I was too unhealthy- mentally, physically, and spiritually- to make this journey, I left it all to God. It was way too easy to get upset over those voices, but I set out to shut them up by punching them straight in the face (when push comes to shove, that probably is the best way to deal with your inner demons).
Even when I finally made it to the field, the discomfort didn’t leave. The journey wasn’t over. From sitting in a dust bowl to sacrificing incredible seats, it was a real test. But the Holy Father said, “We are convinced that happiness is synonymous with comfort.” The sacrifices we make are every bit worth it, no matter how much it may hurt, and trust me, don’t try being a happy martyr- it will hurt. Hurting is part of the process, always. It is part of growth, healing, and doing the good work of God.
But pain is temporary. Comfort will return when you allow yourself to rest in the arms of God. And for me? I found solace in the quiet of the night when we illuminated the night sky with our candles … Nothing like 1 million people letting their light shine on God’s beautiful Earth!

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