Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 13: The Five Positions of Focus, The Flow of All Things, & Discipline

Nearing the end of our second week of Moving Meditations for New Beginnings, we will combine the two movement phrases we have learned – the Five Positions of Focus and the Flow of All Things. You may be wondering- why spend two weeks on just two Movement phrases? And why these same movements over and over. Simple- discipline. Discipline may sound like rules and restrictions, but really it’s about carving pathways to freedom. Being disciplined in your moving meditation practice can allow you to FOCUS: to discover what God and the Universe has planned for you, to share it with others, and to recognize your need for self-love. As we journey on this new beginning, we might begin to realize that what we may believe is “new” may not be new at all- that new beginnings is just a chance to re-enter the flow of all things with a clearer perspective (new for us, but something innate to the universe)! These two phrases help re-center you, so that disciplined in mind, body, and spirit, you can begin to move.

. . .

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