Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 37: Sacred Spaces in Nature

Our last sacred space is nature. Sometimes it’s quite a wonder what good fresh air can do to you! Even in an urban oasis, a little natural hideaway can be found in the most unexpected places! Nature is by far the simplest way to connect with God but is perhaps God’s most marvelous creation. Nature is well thought out shaped by its relationships, time, & space. Every rock formation was transformed by God into mountains, every rise of the tide pulled by a moon that God quietly revolved around the Earth. The stars have lived for millions of years, many actually gone, & yet God lets us see how they light up the night. Everything in nature unique and yet a necessary part of completing this Universe. When you’re done reading this, take time to venture out- stare at the sky, take in the sounds, sights, & smells. Breathe in the air around you remembering that with every inhale, the world enters your body, and with every exhale, a part of you goes out into the world. We are all connected, constantly flowing with the love of God.. . .

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