Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 36: The Unlikeliest of Sacred Spaces

For today I want you to either visit or imagine a sacred space that normally would not be considered so sacred. For me that is the dance floor! A personal side story- I became more in tune with sacred dance, freer, and more aligned in mind, body, and spirit because of the dance floor. How do? The dance floor taught me how God is everywhere, even in the most unlikeliest of places and brought to me thanks to the unlikeliest of people. When I find myself on the dance floor, everything seems to go away- my worries, my inhibitions, time, everything. All I am left with is myself and the music … and God. Even if no one were around, I would dance full out. Even if no one wanted to dance with me or I knew no one there, I would always find myself on the dance floor. For me, it was a moment to be completely and wholly myself. And any chance you get to be wholly yourself is a chance to be holy in the presence of God. The dance floor taught me to let go, to feel God’s influence and inspiration in the music of talented musicians and artists, to be influenced and inspired myself to use my talents to its fullest. The dance floor taught me to be myself, to give thanks for being alive, and to be full of joy. The dance floor has always and will always be my sacred space. So what is your sacred space? What space gives you the freedom to become closer to God and all those around you? What unlikely of spaces is most sacred to you?

. . .

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