Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 11: Humility

“I humble myself before You” If there is anything that the Stations of the Cross teach us it is humility. When we think of humility, we often think of being humble. The image of the humble person is often someone like Jesus, standing resolute in the face of injustice, but we rarely think of the humble person as someone being humiliated. And here Jesus is at third station, not standing resolute, but falling. How humiliating must that be! And we see later that this is not the first time. What Jesus shows us is the path of humility is never easy, and that sometimes, a show of strength can only come after we fall.

. . .

You may sit on the ground, in a chair, or remain standing, but bow your head in humility. For a deeper bow, bring your chest inward as if collapsing slowly. Often times we think of humility as the high road, and while it is, sometimes it feels otherwise. Sometimes we feel low, vulnerable, humiliated. Feel that as you now your head and imagine Jesus falling for the first time.

. . .

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