Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 8: The Sign of the Cross

​The Sign of the Cross. At the time of Jesus’ death, I don’t think anyone could ever imagine that the symbol of His followers would be such a stark and violent symbol. Now, it represents death and resurrection, but it also represents the very nature of God – the Trinity. In Richard Rohr’s new book “The Divine Dance,” the Trinity is represented as a beautiful circle dance among the three Persons, where we are invited to join in. The Father-Mother-Parent-Creator. The Son-Daughter-Child-Redeemer. The Spirit-Comforter-Sanctifier. All Three. All One. All present from the beginning to the end. All inviting us to dance and join the flow of the Trinity.

. . .

We will represent the Trinity and the Sign of the Cross through a literal dance. This was taught to me by Roy DeLeon at the 2017 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. You can find this and more movement prayers on YouTube:

We begin by bringing our arms high up, reaching to Our Father in Heaven. We slowly bring our arms to our sides, outstretched and wide to represent the vast love that Christ shared when He died on the Cross. Then we bring our arms down and slightly behind us to represent the wings of the Spirit, opening and lifting our hearts. Then bring our hands to the front in prayer pose. Amen.

. . .

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