Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 7: The Women Who Stayed

“Stay grounded in faith like the women who stayed” Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Keeping mindful of our Moving Meditations for Lent, we recognize the many women who remained grounded and steadfast in their faith, lending themselves to keeping Christianity alive to this day. There is Mary, the Mother of God, bearer of the Word. Elizabeth, the most faithful first witness to the Word. There is Mary Magdalene, witness to the Resurrection and bearer of the Good News. In the Gospels, we find many women who interacted but let us take time on this day to recognize the women of Jerusalem. Whereas many of the Apostles and disciples of Christ fled at the moment He was arrested, it was the women who stayed. Women were subject to punishment as much as men were during that time and so risked their lives showing their public support for Jesus. And yet they remained grounded in their faith, something many women would continue to do for years to come.

. . .

Honor the women before you by taking a wide stance. Stay grounded as you bend your knees outward in a deep bend. This position honors a sacred space for women, where life resides and the very core of all of our being. Honor that space. Honor your maternal ancestors and the women who carried Jesus and His teachings through their faith.

. . .

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