Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 6: The Five Positions of Focus

In a world full of chaos and distractions, it is quite easy to lose focus. It is easy to stray away from the flow of the path that God has laid before us. This straying away is sin. So how do we get back into the flow, back on the path? By focusing. “Keep your eye on the prize!” And the prize? Oneness with God’s love!

. . .

We will combine all five gestures into one flow. I teach this as the Five Positions of Focus, a meditation sequence to help one become a Moving Prayer. A Moving Prayer is simply a manifestation of God’s love- in our case, humankind. We begin by breathing. Inhaling the Universe around us, exhaling a part of us to the Universe. Constantly giving thanks, constantly connecting to God. When we are ready to receive our gift from God, we place our hands in front of us, eager to receive but also willing to give and offer up any burdens that may hold us back. With our gift, we are called to share it with one another so we stretch our arms wide, as wide as the arms of Christ on the Cross. Our sharing makes us channels of God’s love and so we reach our arms up to the Heavens. Wishing to seek the face of God, we lift up our hearts, allowing our head to look up to the Heavens. And while we channel this Love to others on Earth, we mustn’t forget to share this love with ourselves. Wrap your arms around yourself in a warm embrace, knowing that God hasn’t forgotten you. God will never forget you.

. . .

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