Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 4: Becoming a Channel

“When you open yourself up to sharing God’s love, you become a channel” Sharing our gifts and our talents are ways in which we can share the love of God to others. By doing our best, living out our passions, and being open to others, we share God’s love. How? Because all these things, all that we are, comes from God.

. . .

Continuing to build off the past three days, we begin with breathing, inhaling the Universe all around us, exhaling a part of us into the Universe. Breathing, thanking and connecting with God. When we are ready to give up the burdens that hold us back, we hold our hands out in front. In return we receive God’s gift. We are called to share these gifts so we spread our arms, reaching wide like Christ on the Cross. And as we share our gifts we become channels of God’s love. Place your arms high above your head, reaching the heavens. Look to the sky but not with your eyes! Open your heart first and your gaze will follow- in order to see the face of God, you must look with your heart first and your eyes will follow.

. . .

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