Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 3: Sharing God’s Love

“What do you do when you are given God’s love? Share it.” I read an article that said Lent isn’t about us, that it isn’t about our own spiritual journey and relationship with God. This got me thinking- oh no! I can’t do these moving meditations! These are for deepening our relationship with God! But then I realized why do we deepen our relationship with God? To bring that love we receive to others. And what happens when we serve others? We deepen our relationship with God. It’s a wonderful cycle, where each action, each relationship is dependent on each other.. . .

Building off the gestures of the past two days, breathe in and out slowly. Once you have relaxed and expressed gratitude for life, bring your arms in front of you with elbows slowly bent, as if receiving a wonderful gift from God. But this is no ordinary gift, it is the gift of love, and with a gift so great, it must be shared. Bring arms wide open, bringing them as wide as Christ does on the Cross – a true symbol of God’s love. Breathe in and out.

. . .

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