2017 Goals: How Can The Moving Prayer Serve You?


For the past three years, I’ve been blessed with a multitude of opportunity and supporters who believed in the work I do. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to share my gifts and talents with others. Now, I would like to help you. How can The Moving Prayer serve you?

I already perform, present, teach, and choreograph and will continue to do so, but I believe serving you goes beyond that. Serving you means attending to your needs as well as your curiosities.

Would you like to learn more about sacred dance and movement? Would you like to know what sacred dance actually is? Would you like to know its history? Would you like to know about the dances of different religious traditions, denominations, & cultures?
Would you like support for starting a dance group or ministry? Are you looking for videos or accessible resources to share with your team to get your community to move? Are you looking for motivation? Would you like to hear more stories of the many who already dance for and with the Divine? Would you like to connect with these people?

What would you like to gain from participating? What would you like to gain from viewing? Why do you want to include sacred dance and movement in your life?

How can The Moving Prayer serve you? It’s a very open-ended question, so please feel free to answer as you see fitting. I will also reach out to many of you personally to uncover your thoughts, ideas, inquiries, and more.

In the same way that I’ve been met with many questions about my calling, I have many questions for you (as you can see)! This will help to get to the heart of the work I do-to serve you. To nurture and uplift the mind, body, and spirit.

Feel free to leave a comment here! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Photo: National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

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