Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 39: Good Friday

Darkness. While called a “celebration” and with the adjective “good,” Good Friday is filled with darkness. We celebrate the torture and death of man who promoted nothing but love and kindness. A man who died at the hands of a vengeful group of men in power. This is a low point in our liturgical year, and is in fact, the only day we don’t celebrate Mass. it may seem strange to celebrate this day of darkness, but I think that shows the real beauty of what we believe in- life after death, that with every down there’s an up, that suffering is not permanent, & rebirth is not only possible, but inevitable. These but also that when we do have our low periods, we should still choose to honor them. Honor the darkness, if only for the hope that there is light.

. . . 

Close your eyes (shut the lights out if you can) and simply meditate on the darkness. What do you discover in the quiet darkness? And most importantly, can you find the light?

. . .

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