Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 32: “I thirst”

“I thirst.” John 19:28 . Another reveal of Jesus’ humanity is His thirst. This is a real biological function of His body, something often ignored, but when put off, can hold real problems. How often do we put off the needs of our bodies? We seek to feed our spiritual hunger but we neglect our bodily hunger? We thirst for living water but we forget to quench our thirst for a drink. We ignore our bodies in hopes that focusing on the spirit will bring us closer to God. But that is not so. God made all of us- all parts of us. Mind, body, spirit- intrinsically tied, and interdependent on one another. If we suffer spiritually, it will manifest in our minds and bodies. If we suffer mentally, we may eventually fall ill and be pushed away from God. But if we suffer physically or perhaps even neglect taking care of our bodies, our minds will change & our spirituality will not be able to hold up on its own. Do not neglect your body! It is part of the life that God has given you.. . .

Swing your arms upward, high above your head. Then bring them slowly down, crossing the arms close by your neck. Take the time to really linger, as if nourishing your body. This movement should feel refreshing. When we take the time to care for and nourish our bodies, we give it the opportunity to refresh and renew itself. If we wish to be renewed in spirit, we must also care for our bodies.

. . .

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