WYD Kraków 2016 | Day 2: What Would You Pray For

Our second (technically our first full day in Poland) brought us to Częstochowa. After a 7 hour flight and about 2.5 hours on line for customs, add another few hours of bus travel and waiting a few minutes on line at McDonald’s, we made our first stop of our pilgrimage- gazing at the beautiful Our Lady of Częstochowa.

The image herself was stunning, but to the side of the chapel was an interesting sight. Rosaries, crutches, andlittle tchotchkes hung on the wall, as a sort of offering to Our Lady. Many pray for healing, comfort, blessings, and even spouses or call for vocation. This made me think, what would I pray for.

I took out my spare rosary (now I knew why I packed two!) and took out my business card to rip out my logo. I placed my rosary on the wall and wrote on the card “Lead me to do Your good work.” This is what I have been praying for for the last few years. I have been seeking to do God’s work and hope that all that I’ve been doing that through all my dancing and through my life in general. I truly believe this what I need right now and what God asks me to do- more than a good spouse and family, happiness, or other things. I believe that asking God to lead me to do God’s work will lead me to many other blessings in my life. For now- the basics: “Lead me to do Your good work.”

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