2016 Resolutions – Ponder Less, Do More

I saved an extra month for resolutions. Call it procrastination or call it “heavy contemplation.” The truth is I was overthinking this. I have lots of ideas and dreams for The Moving Prayer in the new year that I simply could not choose one. Instead, I’m choosing a simple mantra-

ponder less, do more.

All these ideas and dreams are great but they will remain ideas and dreams unless I turn them into actions and goals. And isn’t action and movement the very essence of what The Moving Prayer is all about? It’s about discovering our talents but also sharing them. It’s about dreaming up new dreams and making them come true.

Things won’t be perfect, perhaps they’ll be very far from it. But having tried to achieve a dream is much better than being afraid of it. So this year, I resolve to ponder less, do more, and not be afraid to dream. 

– Jessica


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