New Year’s Meditation

New Year’s Day is often a marker for new beginnings- a time to break old habits, create new ones, start new journeys- all towards making our lives and ourselves better. I invite you all to try meditation with me. You only need a few minutes a day or even in the week to start a practice. Allow yourself to soothe your heart, quiet and refocus your mind, relax your body, and free your spirit as you practice meditation!

For today’s practice, we will be meditating on new beginnings! While intended for the new year, this practice can be for any fresh start in our lives. Whether you are new to the practice of meditating or returning, know that at any given moment on any given day, we all can always begin anew. So let us bring our calmness in our hearts and allow our mind, body, and spirit to lead us through new beginnings.

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