Advent Moving Meditation: Week 4 – Peace

Welcome to our Advent Moving Meditation Series! While our guided meditations help us to contemplate in silence, Moving Meditations allow us to contemplate in motion! For Advent, we will be focusing on the themes of the week – Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace. As we are approaching Christmas, I know we may feel stressed and anxious, so let’s take a few moments to refocus, relax, and open our hearts to PEACE.

At least peace. I think we usually have ideas of what peace is like but when we arrive to it, it’s never what we expect it to be. Peace is not glamorous or as exciting as say joy or even hope. It doesn’t play with our emotions. Maybe it’s because peace transcends emotions? Peace after joy is appropriate, as we are now arriving to this moment by being one with it. Peace does not remove the excitement or the glamour but rather helps us refocus to be present so that we can experience and be grateful for the excitement and the glamour. We began reaching out for what we hope for, and by faith, we moved in that direction. Realizing we are closing the distance between where we are and what we long for, we burst out in spontaneous dance. And now, we allow us to bring us to center, by returning to stillness, feel free to place your hands in prayer or on your heart. And be still yet alive in this moment- to allow peace into your life and to appreciate being here.

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