Advent Moving Meditation: Week 1 – Hope

Welcome to our Advent Moving Meditation Series! While our guided meditations help us to contemplate in silence, Moving Meditations allow us to contemplate in motion! For Advent, we will be focusing on the themes of the week – Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace. As we are approaching Christmas, I know we may feel stressed and anxious, so let’s take a few moments to refocus, relax, and open our hearts to HOPE.

Often when we think of hope, we think of the distant future. Imagine something that you dream about is somewhere out in the distance. Focus your gaze in that direction and slowly stretch your arm out towards whatever you’re reaching for. Take a few breaths here and feel that pull. Hope is a pull towards something that sometimes is uncertain. Maybe we have a clear idea of what we hope for, maybe we’re not sure, but what we know is that we are pulled toward that direction. So what does this pull, this hope lead to next? FAITH.

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