Moving Meditations for New Beginnings | Day 3: The Five Positions of Focus – Share

Starting off these Moving Meditations for New Beginnings the way every The Moving Prayer class and rehearsal starts – with the Five Positions of Focus! The Five Positions of Focus is inspired by the first Five Positions in ballet. They set the foundation for becoming a Moving Prayer by allowing us to focus on our relationship with God, the universe around us, and ourselves. Our third position is share. So after we receive our gift, what is the best thing to do? Share it! You might be thinking- is it too soon to share what I was given? But that’s what our gifts were made to do- to be used, but most importantly to be shared with one another. Building up from our breath and our gesture to receive, we take our arms and spread them wide- we want to share our gifts with everyone and everything!

. . .

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