Moving Meditations for Lent | Day 35: Sacred Spaces

As we enter Holy Week, we will begin to take our Moving Meditations in new directions. For the latter half of the week, we will focus on the well-known Easter Triduum. But for this first half, we will focus on physical space and locations. The first is sacred space. Explore your a place of great spiritual reverence or even your local church (not everyone can visit Vatican City during its holiest week!). Take a look at what makes the church unique and special. Learn about its history. Take a look at the stained glass windows, the ceiling murals, etc. Why are doing a tour for our Moving Meditations? Movement does not exist without its relationship to space and so we must explore these spaces, most especially sacred spaces. Discover what makes the space so sacred and how the way this space is designed to bring you closer to God. Maybe you’ll begin thinking and moving through the space a little differently.

. . .

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