Why I’m Okay with Not Seeing Pope Francis in New York

I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Pope Francis speak twice. All I have for proof for these two encounters are these far away shots, one of a jumbotron. During WYD, I was even close enough to take a picture but decided not to. He looked right at me and I’d never been happier to not be hiding behind my phone 😊

In a few hours he’ll be landing in my hometown. This is the closest he’ll ever be to me but I won’t be graced by his presence this time around. In the same way I decided not to take a picture of him while I was five feet away, I decided not to fight for a spot to see him in New York. I’m happy that the spot I would’ve taken up at Central Park or Madison Square Garden is going to someone else who has yet to meet him. Everyone truly needs to be in the presence of such holiness, humility, and love!

So for those blessed enough to be in the presence of such light, bask in it! And then pass it on! I’m sure the Pope would appreciate it!

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